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He uses traditional Celtic methods that date back into ancient Scottish Culture.


Book an online reading with Zoom.

Hour Long and  you get a video recording provided.

Marc provides proof of life after death!

  • Discover the profound connection to the spiritual world with Marc Stuart, renowned for his mastery of traditional Celtic practices.

  • Marc offers exclusive online readings via Zoom, accessible globally from the comfort of your own home.

  • Each thorough session lasts an hour and includes a unique offering—a video recording for deeper contemplation.

  • With extensive international experience, Marc has garnered a diverse following, showcasing his dedication to connecting with individuals worldwide.

  • Marc's forthright and genuine approach ensures a sincere and profound experience in both public and private readings.

  • Beyond readings, Marc is committed to nurturing spiritual development, offering guidance to unlock spiritual potential.

Marc Stuart is a renowned medium celebrated for his mastery of traditional Celtic practices that trace back to ancient Scottish culture, offering a profound and distinct connection to the spiritual world.

Embark on your spiritual journey with Marc Stuart by watching his enlightening videos online, and book your personal reading today to uncover the wisdom of your own loved ones on the other side.

Marc in Xi'an China January 2024.

Monday: Named After the Moon, a Day for Spiritual Awakening

For these powerful reasons, Marc Stuart, Spiritual Medium, exclusively conducts readings on Mondays, offering a unique and profound connection to the spiritual realm.

Register to unlock series of videos to show you Marc working in detail.

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Fill out the form to access the link for a series os videos, showcasing Marc working across various locations and venues, both in person and online.

Local in Penicuik

Marc is the Practice Manager at the Clinic, he also owns the property and so has also opened his reading room here.

The clinic is not open to Podiatrist Patients on Mondays which is when Marc works there as a Medium.

If you are driving to Penicuik it is South of Edinburgh 11 minutes from the Edinburgh Bypass.

Marc maintains a full office and is also available for Zoom readings and both types of readings are on Mondays.

You can book Marc by going to the clinic Wednesday to Friday and booking at the reception.

Note if Marc is not doing any readings in Penicuik the reading room will be closed on Mondays.

Marc's reading room.

At the Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic,  22 John Street, Penicuik.  In the Precinct opposite The Crystal Cave Shop.

  • Digital age boosts self-taught would-be readers practicing via social media.

  • Almost all miss formal mediumship training and understanding.

  • Switch to the professional, Marc Stuart.

  • Marc, trained in Scottish churches, masters traditional methods.

  • He teaches, welcomes scrutiny, and upholds mediumship's high standards.

Tired of Amateur Readings? Discover Professional Mediumship

While it is great when people help the learners on their journey, there is a huge difference between a real reading and an "attempted" reading.

What Marc's Customers Are Saying About him!

Sarah Mcgeachy

I am currently training under Marc and have learned so much including how to do platform work, give private sittings and also the business side/legalities of Mediumship, all done in a closed circle and I'd happily recommend his services!

Melinda Campisi

Absolutely on spot...
I'd recommend him to anyone.

Rol L.

Thank you so much for the other night.

It has been a while since I have felt like that. Even since childhood, I haven't felt that amount of presence or peacefulness.

In a compelling video, Marc addresses the Church of the Living Spirit in Lily Dale, sharing insights on Scottish Mediumship versus New York State practices. His deep understanding and cultural comparisons captivate the audience, reflecting in the video's nearly 3,000 views—a standout against others averaging 300 to 500 views. This remarkable interest underscores Marc's impactful spiritual insights and their global resonance.

Marc in Lilydale, the  USA Capital of Mediumship

Lily Dale, renowned for its spiritualist heritage, provides an ideal setting for Marc's address. This quaint hamlet in New York State, with its Victorian charm and spiritual legacy, enhances the significance of his message. At the Church of the Living Spirit, a key site in Lily Dale, Marc bridges ancient Celtic traditions with local spiritual heritage, offering a unique perspective on the universality of mediumship and spiritual connectivity.

Book Marc on Zoom Here:

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